Yorkie Information

Low Sugar and Eating Tips

Eating is very important. Don't let them fool you into thinking they are eating enough of the dry food. The first three days are very important. It is very, very important that you see them eat a good hearty breakfast around 7 am and that they have a lunch time and supper time. You have to see them licking and eating and having snacks between meals.

Normal play, following you around, wanting your attention, and being playful is normal. Napping every few hours is normal. But sleeping all the time is not normal.

Call me at 479-577-2650 or 479-637-6773 if you see any possible low sugar issues. It is very important that we know what is going on!

Always have a syringe handy just in case you have to syringe the liquid in their mouth during a low sugar episode. They will drink goats milk or evaporated milk from a can. Keep it and use it!

Primal Nuggets is the one food that they love and will eat any time. Mix it with plenty of water to make it soupy. To hydrate it back. you can add some goats milk, canned evaporated milk, a drop of syrup, a dash of salt, a drizzle of Coconut oil, a drop of honey, chunk chicken in water, 100% pumpkin, cottage cheese, American cheese, egg, bacon, Honey Nut Cheerios, Little Cesar's, peanut butter, Nutria Cal.

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