Hello from Elainea

As a little girl growing up in the state of Arkansas, I grew to love all the natural beauty of the state. Arkansas is known for their Razorbacks, antiques, and beautiful country views. This is where my little yorkie puppies are raised: in beautiful Arkansas!!

I started my professonal career as an Arkansas Yorkie Breeder in 2000 with one little yorkie puppy, Sammie. He was the love of our lives. He was only a two-pound teacup yorkie puppy, but he thought he was a larger yorkie of at least ten pounds. He was a wonderful little dog for our family. My children were older so they knew how fragile the yorkie puppy was. Teacup yorkie puppies are very fragile and require a lot of extra care! (You can see more about how to care for a little teacup yorkie, like feeding tips and the food that I feed under my Yorkie Information Section.)

You are always welcome in my home to visit my available puppies in person. If you decide you want one at 7 weeks old I will hold it for you until it is 12 weeks old. While you are waiting for your puppy, I will provide you with new pictures and videos on my Yorkies by Elainea Facebook page so you can see your little yorkie puppy grow into a beautiful pup.

Thanks for visiting!

Elainea Allen

All of my puppies are:

  • registered with the American Kennel Club or American Pet Registry.
  • 12 weeks of age before placing in homes.
  • given at least 3 parvo shots or Combination shots between the ages 7 to 11 weeks old.
  • wormed every 2 to 3 weeks, starting at the age of 2 weeks.
  • wellness checked at 10 to 12 weeks, with health forms to confirm.

Pictures and videos are provided to customers through my Facebook page, Yorkies by Elainea. A contract is in place, and important yorkie information is provided to the customer and also posted online for viewing. Low sugar information is also taught and provided to the new pet owner. A care package is also provided (toys, Feed, NuVet, etc.).

Puppies come with a three-generation pedigree from the American Pet Registry, along with a health warranty up to the age of 12 months for any birth defects.

A little about my kennel and how my little yorkie puppies are raised

Getting to know my little yorkie puppies is like living in a fun house every day. At two weeks, they try to get their little eyes open. At three weeks, they try to play with their playmates. By four weeks they are getting out and about, trying to discover what is around the next corner.

These little yorkie puppies have spacious 4x4 bed areas. It has automatic waters as well as stainless steel bowls for feeding and extra water. My yorkie puppies are raised on newspapers. When they are big enough to go out through the doggy door, they go to their ground runs so they can get fresh air and run and play.

My yorkies all get off to the healthiest start, beginning with their Parvo shots at 7 weeks and follow-up boosters at 9 and 11 weeks. I release them to their new homes at 12 weeks.

My kennel is set up with lots of growing room. They love running and playing with their yorkie playmates while playing chase and tug of war with a rolled up sock. My little yorkie puppies will go into their new home having been well cared for and very social. They are ready for their new adventure with their new family!